Equality Equals Everyone


The word equality is thrown around so much these days.

Throughout my high school years, it was never a word that surrounded the issues faced by our community to the extent that it is today, but more so about women and asylum seekers.

These days, I feel that the word equality is being pushed into the category of extremism. As soon as I mention the word equality, I get eye rolls, and head shakes and words thrown at me like “politically correct”, “confrontational”, “overbearing”, “pushy” and “snowflake”.

Then there are the defensive folk who believe that we have a “hidden agenda”. “If we allow same-sex marriage, then children will have no rights”, “If we allow asylum seekers in, Australia will go to shit”… Just because I believe that human beings who were born in another country who are literally being killed on the daily deserve a peaceful place to live, does not mean I have a hidden agenda. Just because I believe that two consenting adults of the same-sex should be allowed to have their relationship recognised legally, does not mean that I think child brides should be a thing here and that children should be taught how to use a dildo in primary school. Are you fucking serious?

Do I think that kids should learn about gender, sexual diversity at a younger age? Yes, I do. There is no hidden agenda there though.

If believing that people should be treated equally under the law with no regards to sexual orientation, gender and race, then hell, call me the biggest snowflake in Australia!



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