Out and NOT proud


Homophobia is alive and well, we all know that to be a fact. For myself personally, I don’t experience it too often, though when I do… It is fucking painful!

I live in Australia and recently my community became the limelight of the Nation when the Government decided to put it to the people to have their say on whether we should be allowed to marry. I have never been so ashamed to be Australian, as well as, a lesbian during this time. Although we won the majority in the survey, and we now have marriage equality, the whole process brought out an intense amount of hate and shame for many people.

It was hard… Only the people in our community know how it felt to watch TV and during an ad break, see the ‘vote no’ campaign spreading their hate and telling us the “reasons” why we should not be allowed to marry, or have kids and how we are ruining society.

I was afraid to be a lesbian because it may cause people to assume I am too political or too confrontational. Since when did the life I have been living for as long as I can remember become an agenda to force people to be “politically correct”.

Nope, I am just being me. I am glad that is all over!




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