THIS is the big idea


Launched December 28th, 2017, Pride Imaging is a long-term personal project that is dedicated to photographing and documenting a variety of areas related to our (the LGBTQIA+) community.

The idea came around when I started taking photos of my Girlfriend and we came into conversation about how there are not many photographers out there who are solely dedicated to focusing on our community. Some thoughts raised were “How nice would it be to have an lgbt wedding/ family photographer?” and “I wish there were photo books out there full of people and stories from our community all around the world”. Well, that sparked a fire in my mind that sent me on a creative craze for weeks and weeks. I was researching, planning, practicing and wondering how could I make this conversation into a realistic project.

This brings me to this very day. Today is January 1st, 2018 and I have a huge ambition to make Pride Imaging into a creative platform for myself to share what I love to do. Taking photos of people, places and events related to this amazing community and offering those services to people who may desire them.

This is a learning process for me, I have set HUGE goals for myself in regards to this project and I fully intend to travel the world and share my story as well as others along the way to succeeding.





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